The School Day


Start of our School Day



Both school gates are opened and a member of staff will greet the children as they enter the playground, meet their friends and line up. Children have a 5 minute window to arrive. Initially, reception parents/ grandparents may accompany their child on to the playground. If it is raining, the children are allowed to enter school early. Any messages can be passed to to the member of staff at the gate.



Class teachers will collect the children from the playground and take them into class.

Arriving Late


At 8.45am the gates are locked so if your child arrives after this, they will need to enter the school via the main office so that we can mark them in the late book and amend registers. We have good punctuality and work with families to maintain this

Collective Worship



Collective worship is a very special part of the school day and is given a high priority by the school community.






Whole School


9.05am KS2 9.25am Rec/KS1

Rev Elaine





10.00am Rec/KS1 10.20am KS2

Singing Worship







10.40am – 10.55am

Children can buy toast, fruit and drinks from the school kitchen or eat a fresh piece of fruit or vegetables or dried fruit. No other snacks are permitted. (Wetplay - During wet playtime the children remain in their classroom and are offered a range of wet play activities.)



Rec &KS1:
12 noon – 1.15pm  

KS2: 12:15 – 1:15pm

Children may have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch.  These can be ordered by parents online or by the children in class at morning register. Both are eaten in the school hall. Packed lunches must not contain chocolate bars and sweets or fizzy drinks.

Afternoon Registration


The Class Register is called again.

End of our School Day






At 3pm gates are opened for parents/ grandparents to arrive for pick up, waiting on the school playground. At the end of the school day, teachers accompany their class to the exits onto the playground where parents/ grandparents can collect their child/ children.

Teachers (Year R-4) must ensure that every child is collected by an adult. Children are only allowed to go with other adults, if the teacher or school office have been informed. Children who are not collected should be asked to wait by the school office under the supervision of their class teacher. Please call the office to let us know if you are going to be late so we can reassure your child. Children in Yr5 and 6 may walk home independently from school but only if school has received written parental consent.

Children who leave school during the day e.g. dental appointment must be collected by a parent, adult or other authorised person. Parents must come to the main office to collect children who are leaving school during school hours. The child must be signed out in the book in the school office. We ask for confirmation of medical appointments.   

Frodsham CE Primary School

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